Looking to Grow? – Gaining Mass

NLQP5696It’s easily agreed upon that most men seek to build and sculpt their physique into their ideal image of themselves, which usually mean putting on a few extra pounds of muscle! This is known as bulking; which can be done slowly (250cals extra every 2 weeks) over time to reduce the amount of fat gained alongside muscle, or a more even gain between the two (500cals extra every two weeks) for faster results. The way to gain more mass is simply, increase your daily calories (or in simple terms the amount of food you consume). Many people look to do this easily be either resorting to more “unhealthy” food options, or supplements mass gainers. Mass gainers can be made well, however most are filled with chemicals, with most also containing large amounts of sugar to increase the carbohydrate value (and calories!).


The most important aspect in bulking up and doing it right, is the choice in foods. Whole foods beat any mass gaining supplement on the market and usually leaves me more satisfied in the long run. Easy foods to add or changer in your diet can be oats, a different mil, nuts, and fruit are just a few things that can easily be added to any meal, or even a shake, to boost the caloric intake you need to grow! For example, a LeanFit shake is around 100-120 calories, if we add a 1/3 cup of oats (180 calories), 1 ½ cups of frozen fruit (80 calories), and a medium banana (120 calories); you not only have all of the protein your body craves after a workout, but slow digesting carbohydrates and fats (the oatmeal), simple sugars (from the fruit), and potassium to prevent the build-up of lactic acid (your muscles wont hurt as much!). This takes a simple 120 calorie shake, to one around 500 calories! Experiment and see where these easy, and affordable, foods can get you on a bulk! You’d be surprised how easy and cheap it can be to build mass!


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