Is Timing Everything? – Protein Shakes

IMG_6913.JPG            When someone begins to enter the world of fitness, one word becomes the vain of their existence, protein. Our bodies need it, our muscles crave it, and there are many supplements to help you achieve your daily protein intake goal! Now why is protein so important you may ask, the simple answer is that during training your muscle fibers are ‘torn’. To repair these tears, our bodies undergo something known as protein synthesis in which protein and various amino acids (that’s another article folks!) are broken down to repair the muscles, growing in place of the tears to create the muscle growth you are looking for.


With all the scientific talk out of the way, lets tackle another starting question; “when should I take my protein shake?”. The answer is really simple, in the way that a protein shake can be consumed anytime that you feel you could use the extra boost. However, with that being said, there are times which can maximize the effects and benefits of a protein beverage, like LeanFit. First and Foremost is within around an hour post-workout. This is where you have broken down the muscles and they will be needing that protein they crave to be able to repair themselves and come back bigger and stronger!


Other important timings for protein consumption can help with hunger and putting off ‘starving the body. Both before bed and upon waking up from bed are important times. We all know the saying about getting 8 hours of sleep, correct? Well our body doesn’t exactly like to go to 8 hours without some proper nutrition; a shake with low sugar and carbohydrate values, like LeanFit Whey or Whey Isolate (a purer whey without many other macro nutrients), is a perfect way to feed the body without hindering sleeping efforts or starting the morning with a sugar rush. Another important time to mention is before working out, around 30 minutes prior. While a pre-workout meal is important, if there is enough protein in your system prior to a workout, it creates what is known as an ‘anabolic window’, which in turn will help the effects of weight training become less severe (you won’t hurt as much afterwards!). I hope this brief overview will help you realize how versatile, and important, protein supplements can be to helping you achieve a better you!


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